Friday, December 26, 2008

I Have Arrived

Thanks to Trish, I will try to be a blogger and send out my messages, whatever they will be. I am excited to have this opporotunity, so we will see how well I can do. Christmas was great, we had a fun time watching great grandkids on the BI
G day...first Trish's little Elise, The we went to Ken and Joyces and watched Kendra and Becky's kids, and it was really nice for Howard and I to be included in the big festivities. As you get older Christmas losessome of the magic that was there when you had children in the home...Two old people just get up go to the tree, look around for others, but we are alone, so we open our gifts in quiet fun, but it still is fun. Hopefully all of you had a great day